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Pirates Evening 2016

You are all invited to an evening of Pirates & Vikings at Boulmer Lifeboat Station on 27/08/16 @ 1930 !
As always fancy dress is on the cards ! Be it a Pirate or a Viking !!! ( Actual Vikings Will Be There )
Tickets are £10.00 & includes – Entry , Curry & a night of dancing.
Also another exciting raffle and a fully stocked licensed bar .
See you there !!!

For tickets contact Claire on – 07 811 727 282

Charity Swim

28 November at 15:00

This is a fantastic opportunity to help the less fortunate in our area and has proven highly successful in previous years.
Hardy Swimmers will plunge into the icy cold North Sea at Boulmer and ask that folk come along to support with an old winter coat or jumper to donate to the homeless.
Crisis collect the clothing and distribute it to the poorest and most needy this xmas.
Everyone’s a winner – you get to create a space in your closet for your new Xmas presents knowing that you’ve given to someone less fortunate Boulmer LifeBoat​ are kindly opening up a room in the lifeboat station where we can go after the swim for soup, a roll, tea & cake.
For just £5 a ticket you’ll get a warm welcome & some lovely homemade food
(Leftover food will also be donated to crisis)
Please come along and support this event.
If you are unable to attend but wish to donate warm clothing to Crisis, please get in touch and I’ll arrange to collect it beforehand
Postcode for your satnav NE66 3BT – beach parking a few hundred meters beyond the lifeboat station – please do lift share (parking is free – use your parking money for cake x)

AGM 2015

Thank you to all that attended the AGM 2015 last night.

The following is a list of new officers elected or posts still held:

Chairman – Guy MacMullen
Vice Chairman – Dennis Hetherington
Treasurer – Yvonne Shevel
Secretary – Claire Bowron
1st Coxswain – Fin Bowron
2nd Coxswain/Engineer – Chris Chapman
2nd Engineer – Callum Hewiston
H&S – Wim Stevenson

Fishermans Mission Visit

Very glad to welcome Peter Dade from the Fishermans Mission today at the station.

Peter had a cup of tea and a tour round while we discussed the up and coming events in regards to the Ocean Way charity night in remeberance of James Nobel and Crew


James Noble

Skipper James Noble

Filipino Fishermen, Michael and Jonito:  lost at Sea .

Filipino Fishermen, Romulo and Nixon miraculously survived .

Three lives were lost out of a crew of Five from the Fishing Vessel “Ocean Way” FR 349 when she sunk on 2nd November 2014, 120 miles north of North Shields. The Fishermen’s Mission in North Shields was heavily involved, as was the Fishermen’s Mission in Fraserburgh, from the start to the finish, dealing with the incident and offering welfare, pastoral and financial help and support throughout.



Julie, James’ fiancée says about James:

“He made me so happy and his crew and me were his family. He had just made steps to start a new life here in Newcastle. He was the most kindest, loving man anyone could meet.”

Now to celebrate James’s Birthday on 21 May 2015, Julie is holding a fundraising event on May 22nd. Click here to find out more.

The proceeds of this are to go to the Fishermen’s Mission North Shields and the Boulmer Volunteer Rescue Service (BVRS), nominated charity of RAF SAR Boulmer, who were involved in Ocean Way Incident.

You can DONATE now to BVRS or Fishermen’s Mission.